Mohamed Amer

Mohammed Amer Fadhil is a computer engineer graduate and has masters in social science from Humboldt University Berlin with a topic of postmodern and postcolonial approach to entrepreneurship. Mohammed has 16 years of experience in training and online teaching in multiple fields. Through different initiatives, Mohammed implements training in Entrepreneurship, Web-Development, Digital Literacy, Time Management and Productivity (Self- and Career Development), Story Writing, Political and Civic Education and Empowerment of Refugees.

After working with enpact with their PDL Project – Iraq and taught at ReDI-School, Mohammed has been developing learning materials in his own social enterprise Khutua (unregistered) for EntrepreneurshipWeb-Development (both courses were developed through Mohammed’s experience in Instructional Design, hence they were interactive online courses – the website is currently under development). Mohammed approach to teaching comes with the focus on Andragogy where culture and the subaltern plays an important role. Mohammed approach is postmodern where learning is rhizomatic and not top-down, diversity and cultural input is essential in the development of knowledge and the implementation of entrepreneurial activities. Currently, working with Iraqi Diaspora, Mohammed is working with a team to create the first elective course in Iraqi university (Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education is introducing electives for the first time by next year). The elective course will be a one-year entrepreneurship course.